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If you have a mailbox, we will mail you a torque converter or transmission part!

What We Do

At Pork’s Torques & Tranny Parts, our skilled torque converter specialists can re-manufacture or repair any type of torque converter. We run a full-service torque converter shop specializing in creating high-quality solutions for your vehicle’s unique torque converter needs.

If you need to upgrade for increased stall speed and better converters, we can do it! Our team allows for quick turnaround time without skimping on properly testing and re-manufacturing your torque converter. We perform only high-quality repairs and take the time to triple-test every converter.

Our driver is an expert at ensuring every delivery is handled with extreme care. We make sure your precious cargo reaches you in a timely manner.

We can re-manufacture and repair all types of torque converters. Our staff can cut and clean, cut and diagnose, or perform a cut and fix. If you suspect that something is wrong with your converter, we can cut it open and fix it. We also have a wide range of automatic transmission parts and transfer case parts.

Call us today at (907)-373-4401 about re-manufacturing your torque converter or to ask us about our high-quality transmission parts.

Pork’s provides torque converters & transmission parts for

Severe duty trucks

Performance cars & trucks

Foreign & domestic vehicles

Performance cars & trucks
Severe duty trucks